Upside-down never tasted so right-side up.

Flipped Out is an upside-down sundae in a cup. To eat it, you flip it onto a plate.

Our campaign’s goal was to get consumers to experience its upside-down-ness for themselves. Print ads ran upside-down in magazines, subway stations were covered in upside-down posters, and major cities saw the appearance of the upside-down bus.

Ben & Jerry’s

Flipped Out!


Trish Pavlecich

Associate Creative Directors
Laura Potsic
Jon Yasgur

One flipped out bus...

Our upside-down tour bus made appearances in New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

Regional Print

We also placed specific full-pagers in local alt weekly papers like Seattle’s Stranger, Denver’s Westword, and NYC’s Village Voice.

Flipped Out of Home

The upside-down party keeps rocking with wild postings, subway posters, and a nationwide tasting tour.